Simple and practical stepping motor control system

The design scheme of two-phase hybrid stepper motor control system based on AT89C52 single-chip microcomputer increases the flexibility of stepper motor control system design. The control system adopts AT89C52 single-chip microcomputer as the controller, the double H bridge circuit composed of Darlington power tube BUW49 as the driver, adding key control and LCD1602 display. The circuit structure of the control system is simple and the design idea is clear. Experiments show that the control system is easy to operate and reliable, and has strong practicability.

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As a widely used control motor in the industrial field, stepper motors have excellent open-loop performance and are easy to realize digital and intelligent control. The control system composed of stepper motors has the characteristics of simple structure, stable performance and low cost, and has been widely used in the field of industrial control. The single-chip microcomputer controls the stepper motor with low cost and flexible operation, and is widely used in the control of the stepper motor. In this paper, a new type of two-phase hybrid stepper motor control system is designed with AT89C52 microcontroller as the controller.

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System structure design

The control system is mainly composed of 5 modules, such as single chip microcomputer, keyboard, display, drive and pC host computer, among which the pC host computer is used to write and burn the program. The controller sends control commands to the drive circuit through the corresponding IO interface, which can control the operation of the stepper motor and complete the servo control of the system.

The control system can realize the following functions: control the start and stop, running direction and running speed of the stepper motor. Display the running status, direction and speed of the stepper motor. Realize subdivision control through software. The overall structure of the control system.

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