Laptop battery maintenance

The laptop battery is arguably the most important power source for laptop computers. Without batteries to provide energy, the special requirements of the mobile office cannot be fulfilled. Then the laptop in our hands can only be a mobile computer. The maintenance and use skills of laptop batteries have also become the most troublesome tasks for most customers. Now this issue has been discussed in the use and maintenance of laptop batteries.After combining my personal use experience and consulting with an engineer of a Taiwan laptop brand customer service center, I will give a brief introduction here on the use and maintenance of batteries, and will further Discuss the maintenance of laptop batteries by friends and make some corrections in daily use. I hope every friend can help.

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After purchasing the notebook, charge the battery more than 3 times for 12 hours to prevent the "memory effect".

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Many friends will consciously and unconsciously use the mobile phone to remind the business and maybe others to do their homework. After the mobile phone is bought back, the battery is charged for the first three times for 12 hours, and then the charged battery is used up. The reason is that my friend is worried about the "memory effect" of your mobile phone battery. The memory effect means that the battery automatically passes a specific operation cycle for a long time and automatically tends to stick to this specific one. So some people say that if the battery will be used only 50% of the time each time it is charged, then the memory effect of the battery will be that the next time it is charged, it can only be "50% of the time" to "not enter". In fact, this "memory effect" refers to nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries. As far as lithium-ion batteries in notebook computers are concerned, this memory effect is almost negligible.

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The gradual improvement of the production process of laptop batteries, such as the characteristics of constant current rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to deal with its deep charging time in 4 hours, and work, there is no need to charge the battery rules for laptop battery, laptop battery charging, every two weeks may be It takes a month to deeply discharge the laptop battery. This term sounds a bit scary. In fact, the battery is used, and then the computer can be used to automatically shut down the battery. However, the number of deep discharges should not be too frequent.

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