IDC automotive semiconductor market impact

As shelters are in place and non-essential businesses are closed, car sales will continue to decline substantially in 2020. The ability to recover depends on the length of time the production is stopped and the speed with which consumers recover from economic losses. The government's economic and stimulus policies will also have an impact on the speed of auto sales and the recovery of auto semiconductors. "IDC Automotive Semiconductor Research. By 2020, non-memory automotive semiconductors are expected to decline by another 14%, and growth is not expected to resume until 2022."

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Industrial semiconductors also experienced a downturn in 2019, down 6.6% year-on-year to US $ 37.8 billion. IDC's previous forecast was to recover slightly in 2020, while the new forecast predicts a decline of 11.4% in 2020. As the company reduces manufacturing due to the global economic slowdown and changes in consumer spending, the impact on the industrial market will have a negative impact on industrial semiconductor revenue in the following ways 2021.

IDC's "Global Semiconductor Application predictor" database is the foundation of IDC's semiconductor supplier research (including our market forecasts and customized market models). The database contains 2015-2019 revenue data collected from more than 150 top semiconductor companies and forecasts for 2015-2024. The database and pivot table contain more than 20 semiconductor device areas, four geographic areas, seven industry segments, and revenue from more than 65 end-device applications. Click here to learn about IDC's complete set of data products and how to use them to grow your business.

TDA7297 is a dual-bridge amplifier specifically designed for TV and portable broadcast applications.

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